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About Brewed Concepts

We are a young team from the Philippines with big dreams. Our focus has been on developing mobile applications since 2002 to enhance the user experience on the mobile phone. In a nutshell, we are certified telecommunication partners who consult, develop and connect clients to their target customers via mobile phone through our unified access code of 2256.

So how does that work? Well without getting into too much technical detail which might bore you, basically our work flow is first trying to understand what you need, next we will create a keyword table that contains what the messages your users have to text in and the automated responses that we have to generate. After your approval, we will apply and develop this workflow with the networks. You will not need to do anything more. A few days before your target date, we will reach you again to tell you that you are now live to 45 million mobile subscribers instantly. It's that simple.

We will let our experience speak for itself. Go through our list of projects and clients below to see what we've done. Should you be compelled to reach us, kindly check out our emails here

And one more thing, we know that the lines of mobile and the internet are fast dissolving. So we built a division focused on web development. Its called Thousand Minds. Theyve done some funky stuff too. Do check them out.

Now, with both web and mobile technologies under our belt, I think we can start discussing some really fun stuff dont you think? So reach us now. Lets start working together.

Our Work

Our work mainly comprises of two main types. The first type is SMS subscription services. The second one is SMS corporate promos.


  • Good Year Road to a Million - Text to Win
    Good Year Road to a Million - Text to Win

    We had developed this promotion from concept, design, to application, customer service and prize distribution. This was the annual grand event promotion for Goodyear Philippines

  • Hersheys Happiness
    Hersheys Happiness

    We had created the SMS/MMS application for the promotion so users can send in their Hershey's Happiness Moment.

  • Energizer Digitize
    Energizer Digitize

    This was the annual grand event promotion for the Energizer Brand

  • Eveready Text-A-Million Raffle
    Eveready Text-A-Million Raffle

    This was the annual grand event promotion for the Eveready Battery brand

  • TXT COMBO to 2456(Smart)
    Pinoy Combo

    This is a daily calendar and tip subscription where we send out Pinoy flavor tips, jokes, quotes and sayings! Over 8 million served!

  • TXT SCHOOL to 2456(Smart)

    This is a daily calendar and tip subscription service where we send out school jokes, quotes and sayings! Now, there's a reason to enjoy SCHOOL! Over 8 million served!

  • Text JOBS to 2456(Smart)

    A product we've developed and running for 4 years now, we've served over 8 million ads served and counting...

  • Text STIPS to 2256(Smart)

    We've worked together with and created products for the country's top networks.

  • Text POWERPISO to 2864(Touch Mobile)
    TM Power Piso

    We strive to educate mature people through the products that we develop. Through our own way we've push information out. All we need are people who are willing to learn from us everyday.

Our Clients

  • Purina Corporation

    " Outstanding Service - Outstanding Results. A business partner that you can always rely on! "

    Mario Paulino - Purina Corporation

  • Viper Technologies Inc.

    " We always gain new insight into the development and further improvement of our projects whenever working with the team of Brewed Concepts. "

    John Sybuenasenso, President - Viper Technologies Inc.

  • Magicbullets Advertising Services

    " Steaming hot. Brewed to perfection. "

    Liyo Cordova, President - Magicbullets Advertising Services

  • Puyat Jacinto Santos Law Firm

    " We were very skeptical about website optimization companies due to a prior bad experience with another company. Later, we hired Brewed Concepts. They put our website in the first page of Google, Yahoo & MSN in as short as 2 weeks. This has helped our business a lot. Needless to say, we are very happy with their team and we highly recommend them. "

    Atty. Job Ambrosio, Partner - Puyat Jacinto Santos Law Firm

  • Philippines Bases Conversion and Development Authority

    " Philippines Bases Conversion and Development Authority ( - Best Philippine Investments for Global Investors "

Contact Us ... please? :)

Co-founder and President:
bing.tan [at] brewedconcepts . com
Yahoo Messenger : sombreroisland

roseve.aprid [at] brewedconcepts . com